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Thursday, 25 June 2015

More Doctor Who Season Nine Production Details Unveiled

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Filming on the Doctor's latest adventures is nearing its conclusion, but the moment has clearly been prepared for!
Doctor Who Magazine have today revealed new information regarding the production of the ninth season of the BBC's hit science-fiction drama Doctor Who.

Scheduled to broadcast this Autumn, the next run of time-travelling escapades will once again star Peter Capaldi in the role of Theta-Sigma (better known to the wider cosmos as the Doctor, of course) and Jenna Coleman as his faithful travelling companion Clara Oswald as the pair of intergalactic voyagers visit new worlds and new eras of history galore.

Ever since the programme's return back in 2005, DWM have been privy to all kinds of exclusive details surrounding Who's immediate future and whilst their latest aforementioned scoop doesn't quite match up to the heady days of the publication exclusively revealing Martha and Donna's Season Four returns just seven or so years ago, given the lack of recent details regarding Season Nine's structure, British Whovians will doubtless take what they can get at this point. The full write-up can of course be found in Issue 488 - out now in WHSmith and various other worthy newsagents - yet to save our readership some valuable time, effort and (most importantly) cash, we've rounded up the key Season Nine details into one comprehensive list below:
  • Written by series newcomer Sarah Dollard, the as-of-yet untitled Episode 10 is nearing the end of its shooting schedule. Little is known regarding its overall narrative - as is admittedly the case with just about every instalment of Season Nine's storyline(s) so far - save for that Rigsy, a character who was first introduced in last year's "Flatline" courtesy of up-and-coming thespian Jovian Wade, will feature in proceedings in some unknown capacity.
  • Once Episode 10's done and dusted, it's onto the two-part season finale for the Who production team. Suffice to say that specifics about this particular adventure are nowhere to be found amongst DWM's coverage, although that Michelle Gomez's Missy is set to return in the opening two-parter of this year's run could suggest that she'll make at least one additional appearance as her oldest foe's ninth set of interplanetary exploits reaches its denouement.
  • Whereas most shooting schedules would save the most ambitious instalment (a category into which, it would seem safe to say, the series finale usually fits with ease) for last, however, for reasons unknown it'll in fact be Episode 9 which rounds out proceedings behind-the-scenes. For one reason or another, DWM weren't at liberty to disclose which fortunate writer had the chance to pen this currently secretive outing, but given that Mark Gatiss has teased a storyline of some kind for this year's series, it's not outside the realms of possibility that he was at the helm in this instance, nor is it entirely unlikely that Episodes 9 and 10 will find themselves loosely tied together so as to ensure that Season Nine comprises wholly of two-part tales as previously promised by the show's central execs.
Doctor Who will burst back onto BBC One for a dozen weeks' worth of temporal (not to mention spatial) exploration this Autumn, but until then, the 488th edition of Doctor Who Magazine is available now (at a healthy RRP of £4.99) in all good newsagents.

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