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Monday, 18 April 2011

Who: The Impossible Astronaut Preview

This Saturday, Doctor Who returns to BBC One at 6pm, so to kick off my week-long countdown it's time to look at what we can expect in the episode, speculating on the twists and the main arc. Every week, I'll look at the seven episodes, starting today with The Impossible Astronaut...
AMERICA- For the first time since the show returned in 2005, this season is opening with a two-parter set and filmed in America. From what's been said in DWM, we'll open in modern day then shift back to the United States in the 1960s, where the Doctor is recruited by President Nixon to find a terrified little girl and save her from the spaceman who can't exist...but just a second, how does Nixon know where to find the Time Lord...?
RIVER SONG- Bursting back with a gunshot and "Hello sweetie", the most enigmatic character in the Doctor's life is allowed out of Stormcage again to help with the task at hand. Will we find out more about her?
ENVELOPES & SECRETS- To recruit our heroes, Nixon sends out four TARDIS-coloured envelopes to Amy, Rory and River with a time, date and location- but who is the other friend of the Doctor attending the reunion? Searching for the fourth envelope, the Doctor uncovers secrets amongst his crew that they cannot tell, causing tension between everyone and sure to continue throughout this season.
THE SILENCE- "The universe is cracked- the Pandorica will open, silence will fall." Prisoner Zero told us just this in The Eleventh Hour, but we still don't know just who the Silence are. We'll find out very soon, but from what I can see the titular astronaut has something to do with them, as does the reason for us hearing the voice of the girl apparently in jeopardy yet never seeing her face...
HISTORY IN THE MAKING?- DWM's preview of the two-parter also revealed that the clips of the Nazis, Edwardians and the Doctor chained and sporting a beard take place in this story.
WHO WILL DIE?- DWM took everyone by surprise with their recent cover revealing that either the Doctor, Amy, Rory or River will die this week, but perhaps Steven Moffat's statement that "A good man will die and an impossible life will begin" starts to explain what is sure to be this week's cliffhanger!
The Impossible Astronaut airs this Saturday at 6pm on BBC One and BBC One HD.

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