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Friday, 24 May 2013

Agents Of SHIELD First Season Commissioned

Our dream comes true- Joss Whedon expands the Marvel Cinematic Universe onto television screens this Autumn!
ABC Studios have announced the commissioning of Marvel Cinematic Universe television drama series Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD for its first full season of episodes. Set after the events of 2012’s hit film Avengers Assemble, the show will follow Agent Phil Coulson as he assembles an intrepid team within the ranks of SHIELD to deal with the supernatural and the extraterrestrial menaces that have begun plaguing Earth ever since Thor opened up travel across the Nine Realms.

Right now, it’s difficult to know exactly where the series will fit in terms of the chronology of the Avengers universe beyond the fact that everything takes place after the Battle of New York. The relevance of that timeline? It means that Coulson is alive and so will have some explaining to do both for his team and indeed for the World’s Greatest Heroes who Nick Fury claimed ‘needed the push’. No matter what the explanation, the idea that the show could help bridge upcoming Avengers films such as Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Solider is a hugely exciting prospect for series fans.

Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD blasts onto television screens worldwide this Autumn. You’ll see the first full trailer for the season below.

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