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Monday, 27 May 2013

Alex Rider: Russian Roulette Announced

Witness the story behind Alex Rider's first mission- Yassen is back.
Anthony Horowitz and Philomel Books have announced the publication of Alex Rider: Russian Roulette for release later this year. Set before the events of the hit 2000 teen fiction novel Stormbreaker, this tenth instalment in the beloved British franchise will focus on the assassin character of Yassen in the build-up to the events of the original storyline, a man who will be given one deadly initial mission: kill Alex Rider. I'm not entirely sure just yet how much more mileage can be achieved from a further spy outing from Horowitz at this stage, and quite frankly a new series after this and The Power Of Five couldn't hurt that budding Brit author. All the same, I'll watch this project with eager intent and provide a full review of the novel later this year.

Alex Rider: Russian Roulette deals its way into bookstores worldwide on October 1st.

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