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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Nintendo Direct Conference (May 17th): The Announcements Guide

Our definitive round up of all the big announcements from Nintendo last week!
What with their impending absence from the major E3 2013 showcases, it's vital that Nintendo now give their Nintendo Direct news announcements conferences everything to sustain their fans' interests. Indeed, with this in mind, we'll look at the rather news-packed May 17th conference, which brought with it a host of unexpected video game announcements. Here's our full round-up of all the big news reveals:

  • SONIC: LOST WORLD ANNOUNCED- Kicking off a three-game exclusivity deal between SEGA and Nintendo (on WiiU and 3DS), Sonic: Lost World will be the latest 3D entry in the hit iconic platforming franchise. We'll be getting more details on characters and gameplay features next week, yet for now it seems that Nintendo will helm the future of everyone's favourite hedgehog for at the very least the next year. Sonic: Lost World retails on Nintendo WiiU and Nintendo 3DS this Autumn.
  • YAZUKA HD WiiU EDITION ANNOUNCED- Although the Yazuka games were originally exclusive to the realms of PlayStation, now Nintendo fans will be able to play the original PS2 titles in glorious HD on WiiU. This double collection of Japanese shooters comes to retail for Nintendo WiiU this Autumn.
  • MARIO & SONIC AT THE SOCHI 2014 WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES- Once again, two of video gaming's most iconic mascots will return to mark an iconic sporting event. Yes, in the second part of Nintendo and SEGA's exclusivity deal, the WiiU GamePad will be integrated like never before into epic winter sporting experiences. Mario & Sonic At The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games blasts into retail for Nintendo WiiU and Nintendo 3DS in 2014.
  • PIKMIN 3 RELEASE DATE CONFIRMED- After months of waiting, Nintendo fans now know for sure when they can get the much-anticipated platformer Pikmin 3 in their hands. Could it be the WiiU's first 'killer app'? Possibly, although given the rather cult status of the franchise as a whole, we'll have to wait and see to know for sure. Pikmin 3 ships for Nintendo WiiU in the UK on July 26th.
  • NEW SUPER LUIGI U RETAIL RELEASE CONFIRMED- On top of releasing New Super Luigi U as a fully fledged expansion to New Super Mario Bros U, Nintendo have announced that the DLC will come as a retail package as well as the digital release. There'll be no sign of the original levels in there, with a slightly reduced price, yet there'll be Luigi content aplenty in what Nintendo is dubbing the 'Year of Luigi'. New Super Luigi U ships exclusively on Nintendo WiiU on July 26th.
Nintendo have confirmed that a fully-fledged WiiU E3 Nintendo Direct conference will broadcast on June 11th, so make sure to check out On-Screen when we return proper on June 19th to know more...

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