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Friday, 30 January 2015

An Inspector Calls TV Adaptation Central Cast Members Announced (& Some Thoughts On 'The Theory of Everything')

Source: FanPop
With the position of Professor of the Dark Arts occupied at present, Remus Lupin has found gainful employment elsewhere...
The BBC have today announced the identities of the performers who will serve as the central cast ensemble for the studio's upcoming televised adaptation of An Inspector Calls. Originally performed as a stage drama in 1945, J.B. Priestley's classic play centres on a mysterious yet tragic occurrence which - with a little help from the no-less-ambiguous construct who gives the text its name - prompts the prosperous Birling family to uncover secrets surrounding the social consequences of their recent actions that could collectively ruin them before the night is done.

Amongst the actors confirmed to star in the first fully-fledged screen rendition of the production since 2010 are Ken Stott (of The Hobbit fame, who'll portray Arthur Birling), Miranda Richardson (better known as Harry Potter's own Rita Skeeter, though here she'll go by the name of Sybil Birling), Chloe Pirrie (Shell), Kyle Soller (Bad Education), Sophie Rundle and Finn Cole (both from Peaky Blinders). By far the main attraction of the piece, however, will undoubtedly be David Thewlis, who'll take on the role of none other than the Inspector just months after he graced our screens as Nick Davies in The Fifth Estate and, more notably still, as Stephen Hawking's tutor Dennis Sciama in The Theory of Everything. Speaking to the BBC Press Office regarding his casting as perhaps Priestley's most famous (or indeed infamous) creation, Thewlis confirmed that he was "thrilled to be working on this beautiful screen adaptation with [director] Aisling Walsh".

Further details surrounding the plot, production and broadcast window of An Inspector Calls will doubtless be issued by the Beeb in due course, but with the weekend on the horizon (and thank goodness, we might add), we thought it worth passing on a wholehearted recommendation relating to Thewlis' recent work. As was mentioned above, the Harry Potter thespian's latest contribution to the film industry came in his portrayal of Sciama in The Theory of Everything, and much as various other Academy Award contenders and mainstream blockbusters alike will try to vie for our readers' attention this month and next, we'd strongly advise considering a trip to the cinema in order to experience Theory (a 5* game-changer for the biopic genre if ever we laid eyes upon one, to be frank) for yourself at some point in the not too distant future. As ever, Thewlis is on top form, yet it's Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones' Oscar-worthy performances which ensure that the understated yet heart-wrenching score, James Marsh's similarly subtle yet aesthetically impactful direction, the simultaneously mainstream-appeasing and intellectual screenplay (which serves as something of a tour de force for budding biopic innovators) and the range of other exemplary turns from the likes of Charlie Cox are merely the metaphorical icing on an already delectable cake.

Anyway, back to business - An Inspector Calls will film in Yorkshire over the course of February ahead of its UK première on BBC One in late 2015.

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