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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Gambit Release Date Revealed

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We'd advise a celebratory re-watch of X-Men Origins: Wolverine were it not for the required sacrifice of a portion of our readers' souls...
20th Century Fox have today announced the official release date of their upcoming superhero film Gambit. Inspired by the printed antics of one of Marvel Comics' best-loved X-Men characters to date, the latest blockbuster project on Fox's slate will presumably balance its role as a spin-off instalment in the increasingly ambitious X-Men film franchise with its attempts to rectify the noteworthy missteps made as the production team of X-Men Origins: Wolverine attempted to render the acrobatic card-slinger on the big-screen for the first time alongside Blob, Deadpool and a number of other mutants who all clamoured for screen-time to such an extent that many argue it became difficult to know just what the loathed prequel outing in question was hoping to accomplish.

Quite whether the studio intended to release this particular temporal titbit so imminently after slotting Gambit into their launch schedule is another issue entirely, of course. Not for the first time, one of their leading players - in case the leading player, Channing Tatum (who'll be donning the literary construct's semi-iconic attire next year) - broke the news on Twitter without hesitation yesterday evening, leading Fox to re-tweet said post so as to confirm that the information contained within it was indeed official. In the long run, however, a few crossed marketing-centric wires shouldn't dampen the level of enthusiasm already exhibited by the franchise's (or the character's) fanbase, especially as by launching towards the latter end of 2016, this'll in fact mark the third X-outing in a single year, a feat which won't be echoed by any of Fox's competitors until at least 2017 when Marvel Studios follow suit and launch Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther in the space of just twelve months. There's plenty of time for the playing field to change drastically, of course, but at this precise moment, based on the tweet below as well as on the monumental superhero slates unveiled by Marvel and DC last year, it looks as if this particular genre is set to show no signs whatsoever of losing traction for the foreseeable future.
In case the tantalising words depicted above weren't enough of an indication, Gambit will thrust its playing deck onto the nearest poker table on October 7th, 2016.

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