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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Further Doctor Who Season Nine Production Details Announced

Source: Zap 2 It
The Twelfth Doctor is back for another run of adventures - but just who wrote the second set of scripts due to be filmed for the new series?
Executive producer Steven Moffat has this week confirmed additional details regarding the production of the new series of the BBC's science-fiction drama Doctor Who. The 12-part season, which marks the ninth since the programme exploded back onto our screens with Chris Eccleston at the TARDIS' helm in 2005, will once again star The Thick of It's Peter Capaldi as the "idiot" who recently cast off labels such as "a good man" and "an officer" in favour of the universe at large taking a less morally-eschewed perspective on his perspective, not to mention Jenna Coleman, who'll return as Clara Oswald, or as we've come to know her, the only human being capable of taking the Time Lord down a peg or three.

During our unscheduled Christmas hiatus, Moffat went on record (via the official BBC website) so as to reveal that Toby Whithouse had just added a two-parter to his Who repertoire by penning Episodes 3 and 4 of Season Nine, both of which are currently being filmed by the show's production team somewhere in the secretive depths of Cardiff, but as ever, the story's far from being all over. Instead, once those two instalments are in the hands of the various post-production editors, Capaldi and the gang will move onto film two episodes written by Moffat himself (neither of which has been officially titled yet, although "The Magician's Apprentice" - the name of which was confirmed in the closing moments of the 2014 Christmas Special - could well be amongst them) along with a series of 45-minute voyages through time and space produced by (as the Moff said in response to the Radio Times earlier this week) by "some new" and "some old" British talent. Work schedules allowing, Mark Gatiss, Jamie Mathieson and Gareth Roberts all seem like fairly safe bets for at least a few of the slots in this year's line-up of one-off writers, although quite who'll act as the "new" additions to modern Who's formidable array of scribes could well remain a mystery which keeps fans speculating from now until the weeks leading up to Season Nine's première!

Chances are that with the tenth anniversary of the show's resurrection fast approaching this March, Doctor Who could make a bonus appearance on our screens before too long. Failing that, though, the programme will return for its ninth season on BBC One this Autumn.

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