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Friday, 31 July 2015

Humans Second Season Commissioned

Image Source: Unreality TV
Lo and behold, we have definitive proof that British TV is finally making strides forward once more from a creative perspective (and about time, too)...
Channel 4 have today announced the renewal of their hit new science-fiction drama Humans for a second season of eight forty-five minute (provided that the aforementioned broadcaster doesn't increase the weekly running time, of course) instalments to be broadcast in the not too distant future.

For those who've yet to step aboard the series' already crowded bandwagon, the show - the d├ębut season of which will reach its eventful denouement this Sunday, August 2nd at 9pm - depicts a far from unimaginable near-future period during which synthetic life-forms have been created by ourselves for the sole purpose of servitude, only for a handful of these apparently emotionless individuals to begin developing feelings of their own which, if allowed, could result in a drastically different dynamic between man and its vast array of supposedly docile machines.

Such a premise mightn't on the surface sound particularly inspired to those viewers who've encountered literary works such as Brave New World or cinematic counterparts such as i, Robot that have chosen to dwell upon our ever-expanding relationship with scientific technology as well as the not inconceivable likelihood of our experiments (or in the case of Huxley, rogue members of our own potentially pacified society) taking on an unprecedented life of their own. On the contrary, however, by incorporating hugely promising up-and-coming Brit thespians including Merlin's Colin Morgan and Sherlock's Jonathan Aris into the fold, as well as by regularly defying our expectations through the use of carefully-timed twists (to those who've yet to give Season One a watch: beware of forming rigid preconceptions of even the most rudimentary of supporting players here, since virtually every construct involved has a fascinating secret to tell at some stage), Humans has fast become one of the most accomplished non-Stateside dramas in recent memory over the course of just seven episodes, and short of a major decline in quality occurring come Sunday's already much-discussed finale, there's little reason to suspect any less from the programme once its production team returns for more.

Whilst our knowledge regarding Season Two's broadcast window boils down to Channel 4's confirmation that its cast and crew will reunite to start filming in 2016, rest assured that as and when we learn more on air-dates, returning cast members (or lack thereof) and the like, all of those details will be compiled right here at On-Screen as rapidly as Human-ly (see what we did there? No, don't worry, we'll find the door for ourselves) possible.


  1. I'm so happy that we will get to see more of the amazing Colin Morgan on TV! Thanks for this article.

  2. Indeed...I know we, viewers might seem and be selfish, but we really love to see our favourite actors playing as many roles as possible. Colin is an amazingly gifted actor and I'm glad whenever I get to see him play. I am pretty sure on stage he's equally powerful, but Sibiu seems kinda far from where he might be playing :) Great news anyway!