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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

New LEGO Dimensions Supporting Voice Actors Announced

Image Source: The Telegraph
A certain Time Lord's voyages through the depths of space and time will soon land him in a world comprising wholly of bricks...
TT Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have this week revealed the names of a trio of new actors set to grace the voice cast ensemble of their impending toys-to-life video game LEGO Dimensions.

Adopting the beloved gameplay mechanics of Travellers' Tales' long-running LEGO franchise of licensed titles - which kicked off back in 2005 with LEGO Star Wars before moving onto acclaimed cinematic sagas such as Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and more recently Jurassic Park - Dimensions will bring together The LEGO Movie's sassy co-protagonist Wyldstyle, DC Superheroes' caped crusading hero Batman and The Lord of the Rings' "you shall not pass"-uttering wizard Gandalf for a universe-hopping mission like no other as they visit the worlds of Back to the Future, Portal and much more in a valiant effort to rescue their lost comrades from sinister forces.

One such dimension will be that of the BBC's similarly long-established science-fiction drama Doctor Who, the central players of which will, it's been confirmed, be featuring amongst the voice cast of the umpteenth LEGO instalment's apparently lengthy main campaign. That's right, Peter Capaldi (aka the Twelfth Doctor), Jenna Coleman (aka Clara Oswald) and Michelle Gomez (aka Missy) will each reprise the roles they're used to portraying on-screen in brick form this Autumn, though beyond our knowledge that one of Dimensions' DLC packs features an entire level based around Britain's most popular science-fiction saga, news as to the extent that their presence will impact proceedings as a whole is still unfortunately a way off. 

On the plus side, short of a Season Nine trailer dropping this week at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con, this'll likely be the most substantial news Whovians hear regarding the show's immediate future for some time, although more's sure to be revealed as the developers behind Skylanders' fiercest rival to date take to the stage at the aforementioned cult event this Wednesday, July 8th. Until then, keep both eyes locked on On-Screen for all of the latest updates regarding LEGO Dimensions' increasingly burgeoning vocal ensemble, potential airdates for Doctor Who's much-anticipated ninth season, as well as any developments on future planned crossovers for these two esteemed brands, both of which are sure to continually feature amongst the metaphorical airwaves of the entertainment news industry for the foreseeable future.

LEGO Dimensions will blast out of the Time Vortex and onto Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo WiiU this September 29th.

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