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Thursday, 12 February 2015

First Spectre Behind-The-Scenes Promotional Video Released

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Don't wear it out, but the name's Screen, On-Screen, and we're here with a first look at 007's latest international epic.
Metro Goldwyn-Mayer Studios have today released a behind-the-scenes promotional clip for their upcoming thriller motion picture Spectre as the project's production team continue filming at Blenheim Palace here in the UK.

Scheduled for release on all reliable big-screens later this year, the long-awaited follow-up to 2013's 50th anniversary outing Skyfall will feature Daniel Craig in the role of Ian Fleming's half-covert, half-womanising super spy in a partially self-contained narrative which picks up from where its immediate predecessor left off (namely with Judi Dench's incarnation of M deceased and her successor having been appointed in the form of Ralph Fiennes' Mallory) whilst additionally introducing new plot threads aplenty including the threat of the organisation that gives the piece its name, not to mention a variety of new co-stars including Sherlock's Andrew Scott, Django Unchained's Christoph Waltz and Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol's Lea Seydoux.

With eight months still standing between Bond devotees and their latest means by which to escape from the dishearteningly mundane real-world into a fictitious realm of unparalleled espionage (plus an unparalleled passion for the works of Alfred Lord Tennyson, if Dench's use of an extract from his "Ulysses" in Skyfall was even a subtle indication), there's still a way to go yet until a teaser trailer is likely to land on the interwebs, but even so, the brief glimpses we receive here at Craig and Seydoux in action as well as of jet skis, mountainous skylines and snow in abundance at least go some way towards suggesting that Sam Mendes' eye for the aesthetic hasn't weakened in the slightest since 2013, a reassuring realization to be certain.

On-Screen will naturally endeavour to publish all of the latest plot and production details surrounding Spectre in the months ahead, but before that, be sure to mark October 23rd in the calendar, since that's the date on which the twenty-four chapter in James Bond's increasingly acclaimed film franchise will land in UK auditoriums nationwide.

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