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Thursday, 12 February 2015

New Assassin's Creed Film Adaptation Plot & Production Details Teased

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Those hoping for a frame-by-frame remake of the Ezio Trilogy may well want to sit down...
Ubisoft have this week revealed a handful of further details surrounding 20th Century Fox's currently-in-the-works motion picture adaptation of the former development team's Assassin's Creed franchise of annual action-adventure video games.

The film, which stars none other than X-Men: First Class' Michael Fassbender as its still-to-be-announced protagonist, was rumoured last Summer to centre on the quasi-fantastical exploits of a lone Assassin operating in the midst of the Spanish Inquisition along with a present-day criminal-turned-saviour named Michael Lynch, though at the time of this article going to the metaphorical online presses, there had still been no sign of any official confirmation from Fox that this plot will indeed form the premise for their upcoming blockbuster.

Thankfully, Ubisoft's Head of Content for the Creed series - Aymay Azaizia - was surprisingly open to the idea of presenting additional information on the project's development on a Twitch live-stream of Assassin's Creed Rogue (the franchise's most recent last-generation instalment, for those who missed the product's initial release last November) gameplay, finally setting the record straight with regards to whether this notably secretive production will incorporate a main character from series entries gone by or start afresh. The answer? Whilst the piece of cinema in question may go so far as to add to the shared universe adopted by the games, the comics and the various supplementary novels, fans nevertheless shouldn't expect to see Ezio Auditore, Altair or Edward Kenway running the show this time around.

So as to simplify our readership's consumption of the latest details on the cinematic future of everyone's favourite historical saga, we've rounded up the key quotes below but have simultaneously included the Twitch video itself at the bottom of this article for anyone who wants to hear the interview in full. Without further ado, though, here are all of the revelatory information titbits that any true Creed follower could possibly hope for:
  • ON THE FILM'S PRODUCTION SCHEDULE - "Things are definitely moving forward - in two weeks, we're going to have a visit from the [still to be named] director and his production crew. We're going to work together for two days, so everything is moving forward from the script to the shooting locations and we already have a release date in mind. [...] Right now, we're targeting a release in two years' [time]." As if these details weren't enough, Azaizia went on to announce that Assassin's Creed is due to commence shooting later this year...
  • ON THE PREMISE OF FOX'S FIRST CREED ADAPTATION - "[The movie] is not about Ezio because if you took a look at all of the [games, novels, graphic novels and other types of Creed products] we have, I think that the projects that have the most value are [those] which enrich the franchise, that come up with their own take, their own Assassin, their own setting, [...] it's more exciting than just recycling [elements]. To be truly honest, if I start watching a movie about Ezio, it'd drive me nuts as it wouldn't be his character, his voice etc. [...] The kind of [recommendation] I gave to the brand team content-wise was every single project [...] should be self-sustainable [such that newcomers] shouldn't have to know anything about the video game to enjoy it. [...] For us, it doesn't make sense to do a movie about something we already know - we want to do something fresh [albeit with] references (the present-day is very important of course) and some returning characters."
Assassin's Creed will sneak into cinemas worldwide using its all-important Eagle Vision on December 21st, 2016. Now, to paraphrase Captain Jack Sparrow, bring us that elusive Animus, pronto...

Watch live video from AssassinsCreed on Twitch

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