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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Stars Revealed

Discover who'll we see gracing our screens in the 2014 sequel.
Earlier this year, Marvel Studios confirmed a strong set of new superhero films that would form the second phase of the hit Avengers franchise on the big screen. One such new entry was Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a follow-up to 2011's much-loved The First Avenger that would focus on the titular comic storyline with Bucky Barnes' resurrection as a trained killer who sets his sights on Steve Rogers in present day America. We've now got a rough cast list of the main stars of The Winter Soldier, with a few unexpected returnees from Avengers Assemble and some newcomers on there too:

  • Chris Evans- CAPTAIN AMERICA
  • Sebastian Stan- BUCKY BARNES
  • Frank Grillo- CROSSBONES
  • Anthony Mackie- THE FALCON
  • Samuel L Jackson- NICK FURY
  • Cobie Smaulders- MARIA HILL
  • Scarlett Johnasson- BLACK WIDOW
It's great to see that SHIELD's most iconic agents will be back on duty to aid the Cap this time around, especially as we'll be nearing closer to Avengers 2 and thus the hints at what's to come should be thick and fast by that point! Captain America: The Winter Soldier blasts into cinemas on April 4th, 2014. For those interested, here's a quick recap of key upcoming dates for superhero films...
APRIL 26TH- Iron Man 3
JUNE 14TH- Man Of Steel
JULY 26TH- The Wolverine
NOVEMBER 8TH- Thor: The Dark World
APRIL 4TH- Captain America: The Winter Soldier
MAY 2ND- The Amazing Spider-Man 2
JULY 18TH- X-Men: Days Of Future Past
AUGUST 1ST- Guardians Of The Galaxy
MAY- The Avengers 2
TBA- Justice League

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