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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

November 2012: Top 10 Most Anticipated Releases

Check out the ten big releases you'll want to watch, purchase and play this coming month...
November's most definitely one of the most exciting times for the entertainment industry in any year, as developers and publishers begin to cash in on the impending festive buzz with a host of big new releases. The penultimate month of 2012 is no different in this respect, containing a host of thrilling entries that many respective fanbases have been waiting a long time to see, experience and play this year. Without further ado or delay, then, I'll enlighten you with my Top 10 (yep, 10!) Most Anticipated Releases this month...
10. THE MUPPETS CHRISTMAS CAROL- Rereleased in lieu of its 20th Anniversary this year, Jim Henson's puppets gave us a beautiful take on Dickens' classic phantasmical tale. Indeed, it'll be a delight to see The Muppets Christmas Carol back in cinemas for one final celebratory run. (Friday 23rd)
9. CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS II- For all their overzealousness and bombast, the Call Of Duty games do at least maintain a consistent strive for quality every year and succeed for the most part. I cannot deny a good marketing strategy, and so far the sequel to 2010's Black Ops is looking like one of the most ace modern warfare first-person shooters in a good while! (Tuesday 13th)
8. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART 2- Boys, relax: it's over. The final instalment in The Twilight Saga has arrived, and judging by first impressions the franchise should go out with a bang. Prepare for the ultimate battle as the Cullens fight to save their immortal child from the hands of the Volturi with the aid of vampires from across the world and a pack of werewolves...(Friday 16th)
7. LEGO THE LORD OF THE RINGS- Have Travellers' Tales ever really mucked up a LEGO video game? Sure, the second Indiana Jones was probably their one low-key moment of the past few years, but short of that it's hard to be in anything but very strong faith about their take on The Lord Of The Rings this month. Here's hoping we get a Hobbit-inspired sequel next year! (Friday 23rd)
6. NATIVITY 2: DANGER IN THE MANGER- Yep, it really is time for the Christmas spirit to kick itself back into the film industry. With Nativity 2, we've got a charming British romp across cities and the countryside that features David Tennant, Joanna Page, Ian McNeice and a host of other cult stars who will likely boost the film's cultural success significantly. (Friday 23rd)
5. AN IDIOT ABROAD: THE SHORT WAY ROUND- Karl Pilkington's worldwide antics have been annual hits ever since his documentary debut in 2010. With Warwick Davis on board too, however, perhaps An Idiot Abroad can shake the deja vu feeling that plagued its second season and come back to its former glory in time for Christmas. (TBA)
4. HITMAN ABSOLUTION- Yet another big game on the list, the latest Hitman outing appears set to send the stealth franchise further than ever before. Packing an intense storyline, a near-infinite Contracts mode and Arkham-inspired Detective Modes, Absolution is a sure-fire one to watch for Game Of The Year status in 2012! (Friday 16th)
3. NINTENDO WiiU- It's hard to believe that amongst all of these big releases, Nintendo are launching the next generation of video gaming too, but it's true! The WiiU is coming, and it brings with it everything from New Super Mario Bros U and ZombiU to hi-resolution ports of Batman Arkham City and Mass Effect 3. Nintendo fans, take heed- you'll want to own this! (Friday 30th)
2. FARCRY 3- And another big game on its way...FarCry 3 looks set to revolutionise its franchise, bringing with it a colossal open-world and one of the most psychological video game storylines of recent times. Will FarCry finally get much deserved success? There is certainly not long until we find out for sure, and I can't wait. (Friday 30th)
1. HALO 4- Remember what I was saying about big games? Halo 4 stands as the epitome of what to be excited about this coming month, launching the Master Chief onto the planet of Requiem as he fights to stop the ultimate threat from being reborn while dealing with his best friend's impending reprisal of insanity. Now this should be one for the history books...(Tuesday 6th)

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