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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Coming Up This Week: October 29th-November 4th

The final instalment in Desmond's Assassin's Creed saga arrives, plus Wizards VS Aliens kicks off and Need For Speed returns!
The busiest period in entertainment for the entirety of 2012 is most certainly in full swing, with big new releases hitting steady and fast each and every week from now on. Indeed, the next seven days are no different in this respect, containing within them both some of the year's most anticipated releases and yet also some more subtle potential sleeper hits. Here's a round-up of everything you can expect to see before Sunday rolls around...
WIZARDS VS ALIENS: DAWN OF THE NEKROSS- After the tragic passing of Elisabeth Sladen, the Sarah Jane Adventures production team were left wondering where to go next. Thankfully, it turns out that Russell T Davies knew what to do, drafting in CGI and writing teams for Wizards VS Aliens, a brand new CBBC fantasy/science-fiction drama. That show debuts this week with Dawn Of The Nekross, the first of six two-part stories airing on a dual basis and looking pretty ace. (Monday 29th, Tuesday 30th)
ASSASSIN'S CREED III- It's really here- the final instalment in the 2007-2012 trilogy of Assassin's Creed lands in stores this week. Playing as Desmond in modern day America and Native Assassin Connor in the country's Revolution, you'll work to discover the final secrets of the First Civilisation before an all-consuming Apocalypse dawns on the planet Earth...Expect nothing less than a surefire Game Of The Year contender right here! (Wednesday 31st)
NEED FOR SPEED: MOST WANTED- Criterion Games are back in action, fresh off huge success with Hot Pursuit and another big stab at the Need For Speed franchise. By remaking the series' most popular entry, this esteemed developer will no doubt acquire even greater acclaim, especially with a revamped version of the monumental Autolog online challenge system. (Friday 2nd)
MERLIN: THE DISRI- After last week's Morgana attack, we're back to a standalone storyline in Merlin, as King Arthur rattles three mystic beings who reign an age of terror upon Camelot. We're told that our warlock hero must pay the ultimate price to save his friend, but could that warrant a revelation of his magic or something even worse...? (Saturday 3rd)
AND THERE'S MORE- The London 2012 Olympic Games bundle of the Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony and Sports Highlights arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray tomorrow from BBC Worldwide along with the first five episodes of the new run of Doctor Who compiled into a Series 7 Part 1 boxset. On top of those releases, Professor Layton & The Miracle Mask comes to 3DS on Friday and Two & A Half Men continues with a BIG twist tomorrow!
ON THE BLOG- Prepare for tonnes of big review verdicts this week, including Elementary's pilot episode, Assassin's Creed III, Borderlands 2, Merlin: The Disri, Arrow's second episode and the WORLD EXCLUSIVE take on Merlin: The Game right here. In addition, we'll have more on Grand Theft Auto V, the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Who and plenty more in days to come.
AND NEXT WEEK...Prepare for the ultimate battle as Halo 4 kicks off the Xbox 360-exclusive Reclaimer Trilogy from 343 Industries next week, with a full reveal for Grand Theft Auto V on its way too, as well as Wizards VS Aliens: Gryzlak Attacks and an epic race to free Gwen from Morgana's Dark Tower in Merlin!

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