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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Who News: 50th Anniversary Novels Announced

Discover the secrets of BBC Books' celebrations in 2013!
2013 is already shaping up to be perhaps the biggest year ever for Doctor Who as the show's fiftieth anniversary, and BBC Books are preparing in full with a host of newly confirmed exciting novels. First up, there'll be a new Quick Reads adventure for the Eleventh Doctor and Clara taking place after the events of this year's Christmas Special- that'll be called A Silurian Gift, and be released in the run-up to World Book Day 2013. Before that, though, there'll be a republication of the award-winning novelisation of the lost Tom Baker story Shada, originally penned by Douglas Adams and now resurrected by Gareth Roberts.

In March, there's a set of eleven Who already-released books based around each Doctor including Beautiful Chaos, Ten Little Aliens and Only Human, while in April we'll get three brand new New Series Adventures novels- Plague Of The Cyber-Men, Dalek Generation and Shroud Of Sorrow. For anyone who has noticed, all of this will arrive in the first four months of 2013 alone, and brand-runner Albert DePetrillo says that'll continue: "Next year we have new stuff publishing every month. We are trying to celebrate the anniversary in every different way- the past of classic episodes and stories, the present, and looking to the future too." We'll have all the news on Who's future at BBC Books as it comes in the weeks ahead. The Silurian Gift is published on February 14th, the Eleven Doctors set in March and the New Series Adventures in April 2013.

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