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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

LEGO Lord Of The Rings, Dead Island 2 Dated

Two big upcoming video games get their release periods confirmed!
Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and Deep Silver have today revealed the UK release dates of their new video games LEGO The Lord Of The Rings and Dead Island: Riptide respectively. The former action-adventure title spans all three of JRR Tolkien's classic novels in its storyline, utilising the vocals from Peter Jackson's recent trilogy of adaptations while also paving the way no doubt for a fully-fledged Hobbit LEGO spin to be set into stores by either late 2013 or Summer 2014. Meanwhile, Deep Silver appear to be scavenging their zombie-slaying original's surprise success in spite of the mixed critical reviews, giving us more of the same in Riptide and yet innovating with new characters and locales. Both titles look to have impressive strengths, so you'll want to keep your eyes on them as their days of release get nearer. LEGO The Lord Of The Rings hits British stores on 360, PS3, Wii, Vita and 3DS on Friday, November 23rd and Dead Island: Riptide on PS3, 360 and PC on Friday, April 26th 2013.

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