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Friday, 1 February 2013

PlayStation 4 Reveal Teased

PlayStation 4 / Orbis ScreenshotCould Sony's latest console be revealed in nineteen days' time?
Sony Interactive Entertainment have today released an intriguing teaser trailer for a news reveal which critics worldwide are already predicting to kick off the next-generation of video games consoles. Teasing 'The Future Of PlayStation', this new video shows the classic triangle, square, circle and cross logos that adorn the icon buttons of the traditional PS controller, now sizzling with electricity. It could be nothing, yet with Nintendo having announced and released their next-gen WiiU console and Microsoft seeming poised to unveil their new Xbox within the next month too, it seems that everyone's racing to show off the goods in the midst of January's impressive Nintendo Direct conference! The 'Future Of PlayStation' event will begin on the official Sony website at 6pm on Wednesday February 20th.

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