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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Far Cry Primal Announced

Far Cry Primal
Image Source: UbiBlog
Everyone's favourite psychologically unhinged saga trades guns and narcotics for spears and face-paint.
In what must rank as the year's most rapid response to an unplanned leak so far, Ubisoft today confirmed the development of Far Cry Primal after IGN Turkey's recent premature report on the subject.

Developed by Ubisoft Montpieller, this open-world first-person-shooter will depict a new tale based in the same narrative universe as last year's Far Cry 4, tasking players with adopting the mantle of Takkar, a Stone Age hunter whose mission to restore his divided tribe unfortunately brings him into contact with the vast array of predators, mammoth elephants included, that longed to add homo-sapiens to their diets during this notably ferocious era of human history.

That's not the only challenge awaiting the franchise's latest unlikely hero, though. As evidenced by Primal's tense reveal trailer (below), from adapting invaluable tools like fire to suit his goals, to navigating forests filled with adversarial wildlife, this dedicated warrior's odyssey will pack in no shortage of danger-fraught objectives, each of which should hopefully take up enough of fans' time in order for them to gain their money's worth despite the rather surprising absence of any online multi-player component in this case. Make no mistake, this omission will surely spark controversy amongst the series' fan-base, particularly given how much of an emphasis was placed on the aforementioned 2014 outing's co-operative campaign, yet given that the product in question met with something of a lukewarm reception in light of its limited innovation upon that which had come before, perhaps a change of historical setting as well as a renewed emphasis on the core single-player experience may be for the best, just as Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag reinvigorated its own franchise by shaking up tried and tested elements of its long-running infrastructure such as the central locale.

Yet in spite of all of the promotional bombast surrounding Primal's unveiling, the old saying "life imitates art" couldn't seem more apt in the case of publisher Ubisoft these days, what with Assassin's Creed: Syndicate having been leaked last Autumn, months ahead of its official reveal, and now IGN's Turkish site presumably having débuted Far Cry's fifth main chapter either days or weeks in advance of its planned première too. Whom the blame lies with for these inconvenient leaks remains up for debate at this stage, but one would have to assume that those members of the publisher involved with marketing their seemingly endless array of (largely) critically acclaimed releases will - or already have - commence a thorough investigation into this increasingly troublesome issue as they prepare to announce further sequels, spin-off titles, stand-alone IPs and the like over the next few months, if only to ensure that their followers don't start relying on third-party sources over their official feeds for future development updates. Rest assured, though, that whether such revelations come to the surface over at UbiBlog or elsewhere, the On-Screen team will continually endeavour to bring you every key news-byte as soon as possible...provided that we're not being chased by temporally displaced sabre-tooth tigers at the time, of course.

Provided that no-one leaks the entire product online in the meantime, Far Cry Primal will leap from its hiding spot to emerge on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles come February 23rd, 2016, then follow suit on PC in March 2016.

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