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Monday, 12 October 2015

First Mad Max: Fury Road Follow-Up Character Details Teased

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Will 2015's most beloved femme fatale by a long stretch join Tom Hardy's Max for more dystopian odysseys?
Director George Miller has today elaborated on his recent array of comments surrounding what the narrative of a potential follow-up to his post-apocalyptic thriller Mad Max: Fury Road would entail, revealing once and for all whether we should expect another appearance from fan favourite character Furiosa next time around.

Portrayed by Prometheus' Charlize Theron, this sexual slave-turned-fearless warrior made quite the entrance in this July's Fury Road as she broke away from the deranged warlords holding her and the only other female survivors in the Wasteland hostage, only to cross paths with Tom Hardy's similarly courageous titular protagonist in a turn of events which led both she and Max into a ferocious, explosion-laden battle for the freedom of the former's entire civilisation.

Five months from its release, and suffice to say that despite its somewhat underwhelming domestic and international box office takings, the third instalment in the Mad Max franchise certainly found from a critical perspective in no small part thanks to Theron's memorable turn. Little wonder, then, that there's already been a feverish amount of interest regarding whether or not she'll reprise her role if studio Warner Brothers Pictures eventually gives the green light to Miller for the near-inevitable sequel. Indeed, fans haven't been the only ones kept in the dark on this front - when USA Today quizzed Theron herself on the subject in August, the American thespian said any updates were "news to [her]", suggesting only the aforementioned director could confirm what lay ahead for the character.

In hindsight, however, perhaps Furiosa's adorers would have been better off not knowing either way, since the closure which Miller has brought his fandom today might well seem completely contrary to what many had been expecting (or at least hoping for). Developing upon his recent revelation that multiple scripts had been drafted for Fury Road's successor - which he's tentatively calling Mad Max: Wasteland, though that mightn't be set in stone - he confirmed in an interview with Digital Spy this morning that the character's presence (or lack thereof) will be extremely dependent on which screenplay the sequel's production team opts to film: "I'm not sure, is the answer. She's not in [Wasteland]'s story, but in one of the stories there's an interaction between [her and Max]. I can't really say more [...] because [the writing process is] still in progress."

Compared to Hardy, then, whose return surely represents a given provided that the project goes ahead, Theron - for better or for worse - may well not want to turn down other offers of cinematic employment for the foreseeable future, since in a rather creatively admirable move, despite the well-evidenced mass appeal of her character, her behind-the-scenes commander-in-chief looks to be more focused on providing a top-notch narrative experience (no doubt fuelled by the same ilk of visual storytelling which made Fury Road such a hit with countless critics) than resurrecting beloved players for no reason other than pure nostalgia. Will Furiosa be the only member of her chapter's ensemble of supporting constructs not to make an appearance going forward, though? We'd strongly suspect not, but to know for sure what's occurring, our readers will just have to keep checking back at On-Screen in the coming weeks, months and possibly years (goodness knows how long Warner will take to make a decision on Wasteland's overall viability!) as more updates surface from official and third-party sources alike.

There's one almost sure-fire way for fans to boost the chances of easily this year's most critically acclaimed quasi-fantastical adrenaline ride earning itself a follow-up in the meantime, however: look out for Mad Max: Fury Road as the near-masterful work of cinema in question races into UK DVD and Blu-Ray retailers nationwide on Monday, October 19th.

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