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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Final Spectre Theatrical Trailer Released

Image Source: Cinema Blend
Could Bond's 24th mission rank as his strongest to date? Well, it's all an matter of perspective...
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Columbia Pictures have this week débuted the last of their theatrical trails for their thriller motion picture Spectre just a few short weeks ahead of its launch at the British box office.

The fourth instalment in the (currently) Daniel Craig-spearheaded film franchise, which stars the likes of Django Unchained's Christoph Waltz and Sherlock's Andrew Scott alongside returning cast members such as Skyfall's Naoime Harris, will centre on protagonist James Bond's globe-trotting mission to uncover the treacherous titular organisation's scheme as well as their haunting connections to his own mysterious past.

That said, short of a major overhaul of its promotional campaign taking place between now and release day, the long-awaited follow-up's marketing team look set to focus far more on the most thrilling, action-packed moments in Agent 007's latest adventure than anything else, not least a seemingly destructive encounter between Bond and his latest adversary on the slopes of a deserted island. In an age where production teams appear intent on unveiling far too much of their latest works' respective storylines, it's a refreshing omen indeed to see this level of secrecy being upheld with regards to the piece's inevitable third act revelations so close to the twenty-fourth in MGM's saga of Ian Fleming adaptations' worldwide première.

Our only main hope now is that, as was the case with Skyfall two years back, Spectre's screenwriters have hidden away a decent few rug-pulling moments to catch us off guard as its 140-minute running time nears its conclusion. 2008's Quantum of Solace springs to mind as a defining example of a work of Bond-featuring cinema which places far too much emphasis on its set-pieces both in its trailers and in the final product, leading to a hollow viewing experience with next to no major shocks to speak of. The odds certainly appear to lie in director Sam Mendes' favour in this instance, especially with Waltz having agreed to take on the mantle of Hans Oberhauser, an antagonist who's almost guaranteed to subvert expectations at every opportunity, but complacency's a deadly thing, and we'd hate to see Craig's tenure as Britain's most suave secret agent come to a turbulent halt by losing sight of the layered, well-structured storytelling which made its third instalment such a universal success.

Sure to cast a haunting shadow over auditoriums across the world, Spectre will blast its way onto the big-screen here in the UK on Monday, October 26th before placing US audiences in its cross-hairs too on November 6th.

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