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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Two New LEGO TV Series Commissioned

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Everything is still awesome as Earth's most successful block-buster franchise hits Earth's most successful video-on-demand service!
Only a few days might have passed since LEGO Dimensions crashed onto video games consoles everywhere earlier this week, but that hasn't stopped Netflix from revealing that for fans of that most famous Dutch construction toy, the best may well be yet to come.

That was our immediate response to the hit video-on-demand provider's announcement that they'll be collaborating with The LEGO Group on not one but two completely new small-screen projects for broadcast exclusively on the aforementioned paid TV and film service in the next year or so. If - as was the case here at On-Screen - any of our readers need a moment to digest these rather seismic revelations, then by all means feel free to do so whilst taking a read of the official tweet with which the pair of industry behemoths broke the news this afternoon:
As ever, the studio admittedly appear intent on remaining as elusive as possible with regards to which - if any - of their partner's vast array of licensed ranges such as The Lord of the Rings and Jurassic World might come into play in either of these productions or indeed whether the onus will be on the writing team to invent completely new characters, locales and the like with no connections to either Travellers' Tales' beloved series of video game adaptations or indeed Warner's best-selling The LEGO Movie. Indeed, Netflix in particular have an irksome habit of holding back on concrete information of this ilk until near the time of their various original shows' respective débuts, although given the near-universal applause with which the likes of Daredevil and Orange is the New Black have been met in months gone by despite their bare-bones marketing campaigns, perhaps this approach'll turn out to be for the best.

Besides, although we're not exactly drowning in plot details at this moment, that's not to say that the above social media post has left the world and its wife completely in the dark; the use of the phrase "from the world of @Lego_Group", for instance, goes some way to suggest that the audience at which the two so-called "Netflix originals" will be aimed will most likely associate with the constructs and events displayed before their eyes in a few months' time, while the explicit reference to the shows being "for kids" will surely shape the tone of both programmes as well as their pre-launch advertising. What'll most likely decide how many of the LEGO brand's more seasoned followers tag along for the ride, of course, is whether the studio opts for a more recent product series such as Ninjago or an old favourite like Star Wars (well, one can always hope, can't they?), but if nothing else, the experience of discovering what lies ahead for the two series as production on both progresses in the months ahead should prove irresistible in and of itself.

Keep a watchful eye on the horizon - or, better yet, on this very blog - over the coming weeks for more details on the casting, development and broadcast window of these two sure-to-be hotly anticipated projects, both of which will première on Netflix in 2016.

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