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Thursday, 15 October 2015

The LEGO Movie Theme Park Attraction Announced

Image Source: Seaford Cinema
Emmett's next cinematic outing may still be under construction, but that won't stop him embarking on new adventures elsewhere!
In a turn of events that, to be honest, we all really should have seen coming, The LEGO Group have this week revealed plans to début a new theme park attraction based on the events of their 2014 animated motion picture The LEGO Movie over the course of the New Year.

Currently going by the name of The LEGO Movie 4D: A New Adventure, this family-orientated experience will take the form of an interactive show - to be played at LEGOLAND parks across the world, no less - along the lines of Madame Tussauds' Marvel Super Heroes 4D and Disneyland's Star Tours, incorporating simulator elements (albeit nothing too high-octane, we'd wager) as well as weather and 3-D effects so as to draw its onlookers into its on-screen action.

Not that the audience will want to take their eyes off of the sure-to-be sizeable cinema screen placed at the centre of their auditoriums, of course - here, the likes of Wyldstyle (played once more by Elizabeth Banks), Benny the Astronaut (Charlie Day) and even Emmett himself (who'll unfortunately be voiced by someone other than Chris Pratt, no doubt owing to the Jurassic World star's presently hectic schedule) as the merry band of Master Builders who comprised The LEGO Movie's central ensemble face off against the nefarious "Risky Business" - voiced by none other than Patton Oswalt of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fame - in a fictional theme park dedicated to their efforts last year to bring down the so-called Kraggle.

If the idea of a potentially non-canonical follow-up to one of the most accomplished additions to the animated genre in recent memory has any of our readers worrying that a minimal amount of effort will be invested on account of the attraction's youthful target audience, then allow us to put the situation into perspective. It's worth noting first and foremost that Rob Schrab - better known as the man tasked with helming The LEGO Movie Sequel, due in cinemas May 18th, 2018 - has agreed to serve as the project's principle director, indicating that unless he has plans to scale back on the layered storytelling, the gloriously meta-textual references and frankly hilarious characterisation which made Phil Lord and Chris Miller's original big-screen effort such a hit last February, chances are he'll endeavour to transfer all of those elements across to A New Adventure too.

Indeed, given the beloved first film's remarkable commercial takings, the likelihood of The LEGO Group allowing anyone involved to slack on the job seems incredibly low at best, if not downright out of the question. That said, if recent lacklustre 4-D efforts such as Thorpe Park's wholly underwhelming Angry Birds adaptation have proven anything, it's that adrenaline junkies and LEGO fanatics alike would be completely justified in keeping an eye on TripAdvisor in the days succeeding the attraction's launch in case of adverse reviews, not least since gaining entry to just about any theme park tends to cost one an arm and / or a leg these days. In the event that all of that seems like too much effort, though, simply stick with On-Screen as 2016 progresses, as we'll do our utmost to keep atop of the show's development and to subsequently provide an overall verdict on whether it's enough to warrant a trip down memory lane for those who claim to have outgrown the world's most iconic construction toy.

Provided that Lord Business doesn't glue its creators' feet to the ground in the meantime, The LEGO Movie 4D: A New Adventure will première at LEGOLAND California next February 6th before moving onto the park's Windsor, Billund, Malaysia and Deutschland counterparts as well as the eleven LEGOLAND Discovery Centres situated across the globe in mid-late 2016.

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