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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Sherlock Christmas Special TV Trailer Unveiled

Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter
"Sherlock Holmes, wear the damn hat." Ah, Doctor Watson, we couldn't have put it better ourselves...
The BBC and Masterpiece Films have just this minute premièred the first full TV trailer for the Christmas Special of their critically acclaimed detective drama Sherlock over on BBC One (as well as across the interwebs, thankfully!).

Scheduled for broadcast in both the UK and United States later this year, this one-off festive edition will as always feature Hamlet's Benedict Cumberbatch and The Hobbit's Martin Freeman as the Great Detective and Doctor John Watson, both of whom will seemingly have their hands full come December with alleged ghouls, all but certainly fanatical religious cults and other sinister forces purportedly prowling the back-alleys of Baker Street.

There's a catch, however - as Sherlock fans everywhere will surely already have heard, and as the rest of the general public discovered just a few short moments ago with the trail (below) in question's release, the show's taking its beloved protagonists out of modern-day London and into the 18th Century incarnation of Britannia's capital for 90 minutes of period detective work. True to form, screenwriters Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss (who, between drafting their new batch of Doctor Who scripts and this motion picture-esque production, must have contemplated tearing their hair out on regular occasions throughout 2015's first half) don't seem to have passed up the opportunity to take advantage of this temporary relocation, or at least that's what sprung to this writer's mind upon experiencing the plethora of Conan Doyle-riffing quips, recurring visual gags - such as the infamous deerstalker's maligned return - and various other comedic moments featured in perhaps the three season-strong series' most light-hearted preview yet.

No doubt some readers are wondering at this point what's become of the tricky situation that Holmes and Watson as we've come to know them in the present-day were left with in 2014's "His Last Vow", wherein those best of friends discovered the supposed resurrection of their arch-nemesis James Moriarty just as the credits rolled on Season Three. Much as we'd love to offer closure on the matter using nought but our sage wisdom, the Moff is keeping schtum for now, though in truth, we'd advise against anyone holding their breath for too long, since his confirmation in last year's hardback reference book Sherlock: Chronicles that the theme of this particularly special instalment would be "ghosts" might have been aimed more at the style of case our newfound Victorian saviours will have to solve rather than the resurrection of the world's foremost consultant criminal. Indeed, series devotees may well need to hold out a little longer to discover true nature of old Jim's survival (or lack thereof); lucky, then, that there's no fandom more accustomed to the waiting game than this one.

In the meantime, Sherlock will return to our screens via BBC One (in the UK) and PBS Masterpiece (Stateside) for its haunting Christmas Special this Winter, after which Season Four will commence shooting in early 2016 ahead of its much-rumoured Spring 2017 broadcast.

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