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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Broadchurch Season Two TV Trailer Released

Source: BBC America
The End is Where it Begins, apparently - but why can't the End hurry up and get here already?
iTV have this week released a full TV trailer for the impending second season of their crime drama Broadchurch. Set in a fictitious coastal town, the programme originally centred on the murder of an innocent youngster going by the name of Danny Latimer, although Season Two will purportedly shift its focus to the consequences of a yarn which took shape long before Latimer's corpse was found sprawled beneath a cliff-face with no sign of the culprit.

A fair deal of credit must go to the much-loved series' marketing team, however, since any attempts to glean precisely what lies in store in the eight or so episodes which'll comprise the latest run will most likely be in vain as a result of the sheer lack of tangible plot points - beyond a potential connection to the girls DI Alec Hardy failed to locate after their mysterious disappearance, though we'll acknowledge that this is little more than conjecture at the moment - demonstrated in the trail. At the same time, the ambiguous nature of the content depicted here isn't likely to deter speculation aplenty, nor will it quell the ever-increasing levels of anticipation - not least amongst the On-Screen team - for what's fast becoming the most avidly discussed drama of 2015 (and with good reason - for those who missed out on it first time around, Season One's instalments rarely represented anything less than a tour de force in modern televisual storytelling). Whilst one could argue we're no closer to determining what's in store next month, our readers can at least cherish the one certainty surrounding the grim-yet-gripping drama's resurrection - true to form, On-Screen will reveal all of the latest and greatest details on the show's immediate future as and when they surface, not to mention any new trails or episode plot synopses that land on the interwebs in the run-up to Season Two's fast-approaching air-date.

Speaking of which, Broadchurch will return to iTV1 with its emotionally rigorous (some things never change) second season on January 5th, 2015.

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