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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Missing Second Season Commissioned

Source: BBC
Never mind the success of The Hobbit, this'll be the news that James Nesbitt was waiting for.
The BBC have today announced the commissioning of a second season of their crime drama The Missing. Developed in collaboration with the US TV network Starz, the show's debut run starred James Nesbitt as a father whose only child vanishes off the radar in increasingly mysterious circumstances, leading to a race against time to locate the boy before it's too late.

Whilst it wouldn't take too much skill in the art of rhetoric to craft an argument for its premise sounding overly unoriginal, The Missing has nevertheless thrived in recent weeks during its UK broadcast, amassing a wholly commendable average of 7.15 million viewers over the course of its first six (out of eight) instalments, a figure which can't exactly be criticized given that Doctor Who and Atlantis have managed similar (or in the latter's case, oft-inferior) ratings and that Nesbitt's first fully-fledged small-screen project since 2013's James Nesbitt's Ireland had a smaller episode count than both of those programmes' latest series. As we approach the dying days of 2014, more announcements akin to this one are sure to follow so as for the Beeb to outline their televisual broadcasting strategy for 2015 and beyond, all of which will be relayed first and in the most accessible manner right here at On-Screen as and when said press releases reach Joe Public.

All eight episodes of the opening season of The Missing are available to watch now on BBC iPlayer, whilst the series will return for eight further 60-minute episodes in 2015 on BBC One and Starz.

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