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Monday, 8 December 2014

Street Fighter V Announced

Source: ZeroChan
But by no means is that the controversial news of the hour!
Capcom have this week announced the development of a new instalment in their long-running Street Fighter franchise of side-scrolling punch-em-up video games for release on next-generation platforms in the months (or years, even - who knows?) ahead. In a twist that'll surprise absolutely no-one who has paid any attention whatsoever to the series' history, after countless iterations of Street Fighter IV, the first standalone instalment since 2008 will go by the oh-so-inspired name of Street Fighter V.

What's more, if and (let's be honest) when the product ships on our shores, it'll only launch on two primary systems as opposed to the relatively universal multi-platform approach of days gone by. In perhaps the most divisive move since Crystal Dynamics confirmed Rise of the Tomb Raider's timed exclusivity for Xbox consoles earlier this year, Capcom went on to subsequently reveal that Street Fighter V - as we'll call it in keeping with the developer's branding until a more original name is adopted by the marketing team later on (well, we can dream) - will première exclusively on PC and PlayStation 4 rather than shipping on any Microsoft hardware. Odds are that Sony moved heaven and earth to ensure they didn't lose out in a similar vein to Rise this time around, but even so, we'd wager there'll be more than a few disgruntled fan-girls and -boys come launch day as a result, a factor which could soon affect the publisher's future platform strategy if the latest iteration's sales don't pan out as they might have normally desired. Nevertheless, keep it locked at On-Screen to learn more on the project's development and release schedule, and until then, check out the somewhat disconcertingly unambitious teaser trailer below.

Street Fighter V will most likely - although official confirmation is admittedly still forthcoming on this front, so bear with us - kick some pixelated buttocks on PlayStation 4 and PC consoles in 2015.

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