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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Titans Pilot Episode Commissioned

Source: SciFi Now
There was us thinking that the DC Televisual Universe couldn't possibly grow any larger...
Executive producer Geoff Johns has this week confirmed the commissioning of (at least) a pilot episode of TNT's proposed superhero drama Titans. DC Comics' Chief Creative Officer took to Twitter yesterday to announce that the show - which will form a loose adaptation of DC's own Teen Titans comic-book franchise as well as acting as an indirect spiritual successor to two animated TV shows based on the characters that launched in 2003 (Teen Titans) and 2013 (Teen Titans Go!) - will start putting one foot in front of the other next year as its production team gears up to film its opening instalment (the title, premise and running time of which are sure to be confirmed at a later date).

If our profound passion for the world of Robin (or as he'll be called here, Nightwing), Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven hasn't been explicitly mentioned here at On-Screen until now, then it's only because the odds of a live-action adaptation of the aforementioned saga of teenage superheroic hi-jinks always seemed, to cite The Hunger Games' Effie Trinket, out of the Titans' favour. Quite to the contrary, though, now that Arrow, The Flash and Gotham (as well as Constantine to a certain extent, though that that particular show recently had its first season capped at 13 episodes - ICYMI - doesn't necessarily bode well for its immediate future) are each performing well enough to showcase DC's potency as a confident televisual competitor, not to mention that Krypton will be giving secondary Super-characters their chance to star in the limelight, it's only fitting that the Dark Knight's longest-serving partner-in-justice will finally head up a team of mutant-esque warriors in a show of his very own. Don't believe us? That being the case, feel free to take a look at Johns' thrilling original tweet below, then rest assured that we'll be the only source you need for coverage of DC's increasingly diverse array of small-screen projects (plus their impending Cinematic Universe, of course) in the weeks to come.
Titans will première on TNT with its action-packed pilot episode in Autumn 2015.

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