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Friday, 19 December 2014

CVG Closure Announced

First SFX, then Official Nintendo Magazine, now this - will any entertainment news outlets be left standing by the end of 2015?
Future plc have today announced the closure of their online video games news outlet ComputerAndVideoGames.com. Originally established as a UK-based magazine in 1981, the publication transformed into a website in the early 2000s and has since provided coverage on an all-manner of breaking stories, triple-A products and a host of other industry-related issues over the course of a eventful decade which has all but revolutionised (in a beneficial manner, for the most part) the imminent trajectory of the industry as well as of the websites and magazines that have dedicated their lifespans to keeping the mainstream gaming community abreast of each and every watershed moment.

If CVG were the only members of the entertainment industry unlucky enough to have been affected by Future's financial issues in recent months, then we'd be only too happy to brand its demise as a necessary sacrifice, yet that SFX and the Official Nintendo Magazine (ONM) - publications which were both owned by Future plc - met the same fates earlier this year speaks wonders for the problems facing video games-orientated journalists at the moment, most of which don't look set to fade anytime soon. Like SFX, many of CVG's workers will find themselves integrated into the GamesRadar team to write further news, reviews and the like under a broader umbrella than ever before, but redundancies are all but guaranteed in this case, meaning that the site's team will arguably never be what it once was come the early stages of next year. If and when further details of this valiant, long-running proponent of quality entertainment journalism's gradual destruction come to light, we'll be sure to bring them to you, dear reader, in the most accessible and comprehensive manner possible. Until then, though, our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this disheartening turn of events, particularly those members of staff who'll soon be resultantly seeking gainful employment elsewhere.

ComputerAndVideoGames.com's backlog of news and reviews will be uploaded onto GamesRadar (or GamesRadar+, as it's set to be called from this point onwards) in February 2015 prior to the website's full-scale closure, after which the remainder of the former's team will purportedly jump ship to the latter publication.

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