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Friday, 19 December 2014

New Daredevil Promotional Images Released

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Source: ComicBookMovie.com
Street-level superheroism comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe...
Marvel Studios have today released a pair of new promotional images for their upcoming superhero drama TV series Daredevil via Entertainment Weekly. Scheduled to launch on Netflix in a few months' time (quite possibly May 2015, although that rumoured broadcast window has yet to be confirmed by official sources), the series centres on young Matt Murdock's rise from aspiring vigilante to the accomplished martial arts expert who fans of his comic-book exploits have come to know as the Man Without Fear.

That said, if these somewhat unambitious pictures - both of which bear a near-uncanny resemblance to those which the two studios behind the project launched at this year's San Diego Comic-Con - are intended to offer even a glimpse of what's to come, then it seems that the road to the realms of superheroics will be long and arduous in Daredevil's case, no doubt in part due to his human alter-ego's necessary decision to undergo a taxing campaign of recuperation and regeneration during the aftermath of a frankly terrifying chemical accident which leaves him blinded on a seemingly permanent basis. As was revealed at SDCC, the long-established protagonist's initial attire will resemble that of a ninja rather than the pseudo-Satanic gear that his contemporary readership have come to know and love, but even so, don't count out the possibility that before Season One reaches its conclusion - a process that could occur within the space of a weekend or a month depending on whether Netflix users elect to partake in a marathon or drag out their viewing experience so as to adequately cherish these much-awaited gritty (for want of an adjective which doesn't find its way into the discourse of just about any non-fantastical TV project these days) hi-jinks - we'll have the opportunity to bear witness to Murdock adopting the true mantle of his near-iconic other self.

Daredevil will première on Netflix in 2015.

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