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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Grand Theft Auto Online "Festive Surprise" DLC Released

Source: Rockstar Games
'Tis the season to be jolly...and wreak unrelenting havoc on the streets of Los Santos.
Rockstar Games have just confirmed the release of a title update for the online campaign of their open-world third-person-shooter video game Grand Theft Auto V (now universally known as Grand Theft Auto Online). Dubbed "Festive Surprise", the seasonal DLC package contains no shortage of extra weapons, aesthetic modification options and gadgets for players to exploit to their heart's content as our latest visit from Father Christmas (who, now that we think about it, looks remarkably similar to Nick Frost!) beckons.

Compared to the (rightly) esteemed developer's recent announcement that GTA Online's long-awaited "Heists" DLC expansion is on the horizon, of course, the news that Rockstar are once again updating the Online experience in anticipation of the aforementioned season of yuletide and goodwill can't help but seem somewhat less ground-breaking. Even so, however, there's little doubt in our mind that fans will flock back to perhaps the most hotly discussed Grand Theft Auto experience in the franchise's illustrious history when "Festive Surprise" is made available for download later on today, if only to test their skills for the umpteenth time against countless other competitors whilst donning an all manner of winter-themed attire in the process. Here's a full list of the content that newcomers and GTA V veterans alike can expect to find when they next insert the multiplayer disc of one of 2013's most critically acclaimed video game experiences:

  • FIREARMS & OTHER ASSORTED WEAPONS - Homing Missile Launcher; Proximity Mines; Snowballs
  • CLOTHING - 'Ugly' Christmas Sweaters; Hats; Masks; Scarves; Holiday PJ's & More TBC
  • MODES OF TRANSPORTATION - Slam Van; Massacro; Jester Sports Cars; Hot Rod Christmas Ratloader
"Festive Surprise" is - unless something's occurred since this article was penned to prevent its appearance on Xbox Live and other digital marketplaces - ready to be downloaded now on PSN (PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3), Xbox Live (Xbox One and Xbox 360) and Windows Store (PC) for use with Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer component.

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