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Monday, 3 November 2014

Doctor Who: Best of Blue Peter Commissioned

Source: BBC
Well, this is new! Celebrate 51 years of Doctor Who with CBBC later this week...
The Radio Times have today announced the sudden 'commissioning' (re: schedule placement) of a one-off Doctor Who spin-off programme for broadcast on CBBC later this week. In Doctor Who: Best of Blue Peter, we'll apparently "celebrat[e] over 50 years of the [eponymous] Time Lord", "[looking] back at some of the best Doctor Who and Blue Peter moments from over the years" before witnessing a performance from a mysterious individual (although the mystery has mainly come about due to the On-Screen's team lack of engagement with this kid-orientated channel) named "Brett Domino".

Regardless of whether the announcement itself has come to light rather suddenly, given that the current run of Who concludes with "Death in Heaven" this Saturday, it's extremely unlikely that the vast majority of Whovians will pass up the opportunity to receive an extra dose of the BBC's longest-running science-fiction production before it leaves the airwaves for another year or so. Even so, though, it's worth bearing in mind that the show's 2014 output doesn't come to a complete halt this week, since the annual Children in Need telethon event set to air on BBC One next week will feature a contribution of some kind from Peter Capaldi's incarnation of the titular time traveller and better yet, there's still a Christmas Special to look forward to in just over a month's time as well. Will Jenna Coleman, better known as the impossible Clara Oswald, remain aboard the TARDIS for the Doctor's winter outings, though? If it wasn't already obvious, the answer is now just five short days away...

Doctor Who: Best of Blue Peter will première on the CBBC Channel this Friday, November 7th at 4.30pm.

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