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Friday, 7 November 2014

The Hunger Games Theatrical Adaptation Announced

Source: Hello Giggles
But the question is, will Katniss' success carry through to the stage or will she Catch Fire when placed in the physical limelight?
Lionsgate have today confirmed the development of a theatrical show based on their award-winning franchise of big-screen adaptations of Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games novels. The series - which started life with a quasi-standalone adventure of the same name in printed form - remains amongst the most widely acclaimed teen fantasy sagas of this century, not least thanks to the pair of uncharacteristically accomplished cinematic renditions which the studio have provided fans with so far in the form of The Hunger Games and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Whilst conquering the filmic box office is no mean feat, though, those members of the esteemed production team who'll serve as consultants on the production's development may well be in for a shock to the system when it comes to matching the equally lofty (if not moreso) expectations of stage critics. The chance remains that Lionsgate will look to cater solely towards the young adult demographic in light of Collins' unashamed decision to do so in the source material, yet if they're truly hoping to contend with the beloved dramas of our age, then some dramatic deviations from the show's inspiration could soon be necessitated so as to allow producers Harvey Goldsmith, Warren Adams, Robert Harris, Gary Ricci and Brandon Victor Dixon to build towards providing the "uniquely immersive experience" which the studio are so eager to indicate is on the way. As ever, keep it locked at On-Screen to learn more about precisely what the show will entail plus what lies in store in Lionsgate's two-part take on Mockingjay in the coming weeks.

The Hunger Games' first "theatrical experience" will d├ębut in a purpose-built theatre situated next to Wembley Stadium, London in Summer 2016.

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