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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Minions Official Trailer Released

Source: Despicable Me Wiki
Proof if ever any was necessitated that there ain't no party quite like a Minion shindig.
Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment have today unveiled the "official" trailer - they're shying away from using the adjective of "teaser" as they released one such video back in July 2013 - for their upcoming animated motion picture Minions. Acting as a direct prequel to both 2010's Despicable Me and its 2013 follow-up Despicable Me 2, this much-anticipated Summer blockbuster will follow the titular band of obedient yellow workers as they strive to find a suitable master who'll take them to new heights (or should that be new lows, we wonder?) of subordination forty years before they even stumble across an eccentric quasi-antagonised named Gru.

As any fan of all things Despicable would rightly expect at this stage, gags involving bananas, slapstick confrontations, figures of folklore who can't stand the sight of the most adorable animated characters since Toy Story's three-eyed aliens and the like litter this initial preview...for better or for worse. Suffice to say that after experiencing nearly three full hours' worth of similarly childish and satirically shallow jokes, even the most ardent franchise loyalists might justifiably begin to tire of the film's namesake come next year unless the screenwriters have held back some of the most hilarious and innovative punch-lines for the final product (and don't get us wrong, that's been known to happen in the past - Despicable Me 2 had its fair share of humorous withheld surprises). All the same, we'll endeavour to keep those interested abreast of Minions' potential as a Summer of Film contender as and when its promotional campaign kicks into gear; indeed, we'd wager that the floodgates will soon begin to open after this teaser accompanies whatever clich├ęd animated drivel the mainstream studios have scheduled for release during the festive season.

Minions will storm UK cinemas nationwide in search of its all-important horde of bananas on June 26th, 2015 before continuing to plunder US cinemas on July 10th, 2015.

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