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Friday, 7 November 2014

More Mass Effect 3 Sequel Plot Details & Concept Art Revealed

Images Source: Gamespot
Commander Shepard's demise won't stop his franchise from entering a whole new frontier!
BioWare and Electronic Arts have today unveiled a host of new plot details and promotional images (left, below) for the much-anticipated follow-up to their 2013 science-fiction third-person-shooter Mass Effect 3. Though it has yet to receive an official title, the sequel is already amongst the most anticipated RPG's of recent times, not least since it's set to introduce a new protagonist with no connections to the late Commander Shepard into the doubtless catastrophic fray.

Not unlike their showing at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 for short, in case you were wondering), the development team are staying cagey about the product's central narrative, but the glimpses we receive here of a reworked Capital, new alien protagonists, the return of the infamous Mako tank and even the core construct himself should be more than enough to whet the appetite of even the most starved Mass Effect fans fr the time being. If that's not quite enough for you, though, dear reader, then we'll boldly go where no Trekkian has ever gone before by compiling a series of comments on the franchise's purportedly glamorous future posted on BioWare's official website by those execs who are heading the project as we speak:
  • CHRIS SCHLERF (LEAD WRITER)  "Every day is a revelation and every day I get to play in a new corner of the [Mass Effect] universe. To be able to look three steps ahead to, "Where does this take us and how does it add to the way we look at the Mass Effect trilogy?" You couldn't ask for a better playground."
  • FABRICE CONDOMINAS (PRODUCER) - "If we were just doing Mass Effect 4, we would be failing in a way. You can see even in the [original] trilogy how the games differ from one to the next, and if we were less ambitious we could have just done the same thing and it would have worked. But we want to take the risk and deliver something new and exciting."
  • MAC WALTERS (CREATIVE DIRECTOR) - "We're working to bring back some of that wonder and sense of exploration that we had in the original trilogy. [...] With Shepard, you arrived on the scene as a hero, and you were called forward from there. For the next Mass Effect, however, we've been looking at more of a hero's journey: how you become a legend and what it takes to get there. We're opening up this whole new world for players to explore. [...] It's so familiar, but it also has new things, which is exciting [...]."
The fourth instalment in the Mass Effect saga will reportedly dock in all good video game retailers ready to launch exclusively on next-generation consoles in 2016 (don't take our word for it just yet, though, as nothing's set in stone), while BioWare's next fantasy-orientated RPG experience - Dragon Age: Inquisition - will ship on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC this November 21st in the UK.

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