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Friday, 7 November 2014

Toy Story 4 Announced

Source: Toy Story Wiki
Andy's song may be over, but in the case of Woody and the gang, the story never ends.
Walt Disney Pictures have today announced the production of a fourth instalment in their Toy Story franchise of animated films for release in just under three years' time. Currently dubbed Toy Story 4, the direct follow-up to 2010's purportedly climactic outing Toy Story 3 has unsurprisingly caught the attention of fans the world over ever since its existence was revealed by the studio in their latest investors' call, hence why its title is presently located on Twitter's 'Top Trending' list not only here in the UK but across the planet Earth.

Given the extent to which Marvel divulged their plans for their own franchise - better known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe - last month, Disney diehards would be forgiven for expecting the latter studio to follow suit with information aplenty regarding Toy Story 4's narrative, returning players and the like. Quite to the contrary, however, all we know so far is that John Lasseter - aka the helmer of the series' first two instalments - will return as the project's director and - as if this wasn't already a given - both Woody and Buzz will have a central involvement in a storyline that'll likely remain shrouded in secrecy for a good while yet (and rightly so, we might add, since any attempts at justifying the existence of a fourth entry in a franchise which arguably received a perfect denouement last time around will need the support of a potent teaser trailer in our eyes). We'd like to think that it goes without saying that On-Screen will keep you posted on the latest and greatest news surrounding the project, its filming schedule and the inevitably ambitious promotional campaign that's sure to accompany it in the run-up to its cinematic launch, but just in case, be sure to keep a watchful eye on the blog as we prepare to travel to infinity and (in an ideal world, anyway) beyond once again.

Toy Story 4 will leap from the Toy Box and into Star Command-approved auditoriums on June 16th, 2017.

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