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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Just Cause 3 Announced

Source: Game Informer
Ready to fight alongside the REAPERS and, more importantly, Bolo Santozi once more? We sure are!
Game Informer have today announced that Avalanche Studios are presently hard at work on the development of a new instalment of Just Cause, better known as their long-running saga of open-world action-adventure video games. Currently going by the ever-so-inspired title of Just Cause 3, the long-rumoured successor to 2010's similarly creatively-named second outing - we'll let our readership take an educated guess on this front - will launch exclusively on next-generation consoles in a similar vein to how its predecessor ditched the PlayStation 2 and Xbox in favour of the PS3, 360 and PC.

Once again, Avalanche appear to be refusing to play it safe in terms of the product's setting, relocating secret agent-turned-Super Mario-esque-platformer Rico Rodriguez to an endearingly warm Mediterranean island - we'd wager that James Bond envies him after having battled terrorists from the 'sanctity' of a rain-swept Scottish mansion in 2013 - for his third and potentially final mission. Details on the precise plot of next year's presumably-refined trilogy closer weren't forthcoming in Game Informer's initial reveal story earlier today, although that's not to say that the latest edition of the magazine in question - which will sport a nifty Just Cause 3-themed cover, if the image above wasn't an obvious enough indicator in that regard - won't reveal a few hidden secrets in the next few days, all of which will feature either here or in another On-Screen article if and when they reach the increasingly transparent surface of the interwebs...

Just Cause 3 rappels onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC consoles worldwide in 2015.

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