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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

More Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Follow-Up Plot Details Teased

Source: Schmoes Know
Get your filthy hands off me, you damn dirty - oh, sorry, we didn't notice you over there! Please feel free to read on.
Director Matt Reeves has today announced new details surrounding the narrative of the third instalment of 20th Century Fox's rebooted Planet of the Apes fantasy film franchise. Scheduled to launch in one of the most crammed Summer of Film blockbuster seasons to date, the Reeves-directed sequel will act as a direct continuation of the story arcs established in both 2011's Rise of the Planet of the Apes and this year's Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Those keeping a watchful eye on On-Screen may well recall that both of those opening chapters earned themselves rare 5* ratings from us here and over at The Carmine Project , a truly admirable feat which of course only places all the more pressure on Reeves to excel once again with his second contribution to the pseudo-dystopian saga which currently seems set to simply keep on giving for the time being. Here's our round-up of precisely what the helmer had to say regarding one of our most anticipated motion pictures of 2016:

  • ON CAESAR'S ROLE IN THE NEXT APES INSTALMENT - "In the first movie [Rise], he sort of rises from humble beginnings to become a revolutionary, Dawn was very much about him ascending to become a leader in really difficult times and having to be tested in that way, but this next movie I think is about him becoming the seminal figure for ape history. [It's] like myth ascension, him becoming the the ape Moses, for lack of a better sort of character to model him after. He is very much that way of being sort of caught between these two worlds [ape-kind and the humans who raised him only to eventually alienate him from their society], and I think that's going to be exciting to see the ways in which we can push him to places that are [going to] make him very uncomfortable."
  • ON THE PREMISE OF THE SEQUEL TO DAWN - "This situation is exactly what [Caesar] was trying to avoid. The oncoming war is what Dawn was all about avoiding and (SPOILER ALERT...) it wasn't avoided, so what does that mean to him as a character and how he will lead his people through this [...]?"
  • ON THE THIRD OUTING'S TITLE - "It might be one word shorter..."
The hugely potent sequel to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes will clamber into cinemas worldwide on July 29th, 2016, a solid seventeen months or so after Dawn launches on DVD and Blu-Ray this November 24th.

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