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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Selfie Cancelled

Source: BBC America
It seems that The Girl Who Waited will have to wait a bit longer for her next big break.
ABC have this week announced the cancellation of their short-lived US sitcom Selfie. Headlined by none other than Doctor Who's Karen Gillan, the opening season of this critically scorned series - which centres on a complacent ex-model (Gillan)'s attempts to reconcile with those co-workers who she scorned in her previous quest to dominate the social media stratosphere - was originally intended to last for twenty-twenty two episodes as is the traditional structure of US TV runs, yet its broadcast future is all the more uncertain now that its studio have dropped their ever-looming axe upon its evidently vulnerable skull.

In a week where increasingly critically acclaimed productions such as Downton Abbey have been provided a new lease of life by their respective televisual distributors (iTV in Downton's case), for Gillan's latest foray on the small-screen to have perished before its writers even had the chance to innovate upon the show's (admittedly uninspired) premise might justifiably seem akin to a tragedy for long-running followers of the Guardians of the Galaxy star's post-Who work. Even so, though, between Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.LD., Marvel's Agent Carter and Forever, ABC already have more than enough in the way of quality television on the go at the moment, ultimately rendering the loss of one of their least ambitious projects to date as a step in the right direction rather than as a negative omen for the studio's immediate future.

Despite its days now being officially numbered, Selfie will return for the seventh episode of its first (and final) season - "Landline" - this Tuesday, November 11th on ABC.

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