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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Atlantis Season Two Première Date Announced

Source: Zap 2 It
And to immediately answer your question, we're not quite sure why a second season was commissioned either...
The BBC have today officially confirmed a global première date for the opening episode of the second season of their kid-orientated fantasy drama Atlantis. A spiritual successor to the immensely superior Merlin, the programme adapts Ancient Greek myths such as those of the fabled Minotaur and Hercules in a characteristically loose manner which allows its writing team to throw in as much in the way of slapstick comedy and cringe-worthy one-liners as humanly possible (and more besides).

If our disdain for the show in question hasn't been fully conveyed by this point, then to put it bluntly, Atlantis' sustained presence on BBC One is - to us, anyway - nothing short of incomprehensible, especially in light of the curiously persistent ambiguity surrounding the fates of esteemed members of BBC Three's accomplished drama roster such as In the Flesh and Being Human (surely a continuation of the latter isn't out of the question given the extent to which the Season Five DVD box-set's post-credits sequence left the series' wider narrative unresolved?). That the first full trailer for Season Two is all but guaranteed to be attached to one or more of the final instalments of Doctor Who's latest series - which culminates just a week before the part-nautical, part-nauseating adventures re-ensue - speaks wonders for the lack of faith the channel's execs seem to have in their latest multi-year project (and rightly so, we might add, as if it would make any great difference at this juncture) and, worse still, the season's present placement in the Beeb's schedule means that we'll even have to entertain perhaps the year's least compelling TV contribution during the festive period - quite frankly, we'd rather stuff countless mince pies between our lips than sit through another forty-five minutes of this mediocre, if not outright patronising, fanfare.

Atlantis will float back onto our television sets for its action-packed second season this November 15th on BBC One.

UPDATE (05-10-14, 3.15am) - On top of revealing the airdate listed above, the BBC have moreover released the first not-so-tantalisingly brief teaser trail for Season Two. Those interested in such previews can witness the video in all of its 'glory' (ahem) below.

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