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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Doctor Who Experience Revival Teaser Trailer Released

Source: Wales Online
A mysterious figure from the Twelfth Doctor's distant past seems to be in grave need of the Time Lord's help...
BBC Worldwide have today released a teaser trailer (below) promoting their soon-to-be-reopened Doctor Who Experience. Based over in Cardiff Bay, Wales, this interactive British attraction comprises of two compelling segments - the multi-sensory walk-through Experience which gives the attraction its name, as well as a more museum-esque section featuring memorabilia from the hit science-fiction drama's half century-spanning backlog.

We're most likely preaching to the choir in this instance, but just in case that's not true for the entirety of our readership, we'll reiterate that the primary motivation behind BBC Worldwide's decision to temporarily close both the exhibition and its accompanying narrative-orientated voyage through time and space revolved around the latter of the pair, not least since Steven Moffat and company presumably wanted to renew the walk-through storyline in order to incorporate the Twelfth Doctor rather than his immediate predecessor (for those who missed out first time around, the original standalone adventure centred on Matt Smith's incarnation as he desperately sought the help of a dozen "shoppers" to escape the creatively-named Pandorica 2.0 soon after the events of "The Big Bang" and "A Christmas Carol").

More exciting still for fans than the prospect of encountering Capaldi's incarnation in the flesh (so to speak), though, will be the opportunity to hear and see what became of Lalla Ward's Romana II, a character who appeared alongside Tom Baker's Doctor in numerous 1970s serials before going on to take a leading role in proceedings in Big Finish's acclaimed Gallifrey audio series, and who here claims that she's calling from "the final days of Gallifrey", suggesting that the Time War will continue to have a profound influence on the day-to-day life of everyone's favourite time traveller. Stay tuned for more news regarding the revived Experience storyline and its implications for the show's future as and when we receive it!

The Doctor Who Experience will re-open its doors, boasting an exhilarating mini-episode that's sure to once again be bigger on the inside in the process, on October 24th.

UPDATE (02-10-14, 5.05pm) - In addition to officially confirming the date on which the Experience will re-open (see above), BBC Worldwide have also announced that Joseph Lidster has written the script for the attraction's renewed Twelfth Doctor storyline, while regular helmer Paul Wilmshurst was on directing duties at the time of recording. As if that weren't enough, they've even gone so far as to unveil an official plot précis for said adventure: "Follow the Doctor on a spectacular, interactive adventure through time and space. Beginning in the Gallifrey mission [could this sequence comprise of a Time War flashback, we wonder?] and journeying to the heart of the TARDIS, visitors will have to grapple with a threat that could destroy the universe [count us in!]..."

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