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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Doctor Who 2013 Specials Original Television Soundtrack Announced

Source: The Doctor Who Site - Merchandise Guide
Who's ready to experience the tunes which made last year's celebrations a hit? After all, that's how it all started!
Silva Screen Records have today announced the distribution of an album compiling the various pieces of instrumental music used in the two feature-length episodes of Doctor Who which aired in time for the programme's 50th Anniversary last Winter. Titled Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor / The Time of the Doctor - Original Television Soundtrack, the two-disc set will play host to familiar melodies inspired by the hit science-fiction drama's past - "We Are The Doctors" and "This Time There's Three Of Us (The Majestic Tale)" amongst them - as well as a multitude of tracks that made their critically acclaimed premières in its 50th Anniversary mini-movie and 2013 Christmas Special such as "Song for Four / Home", "Rhapsody of War" and, of course, "Hello Twelve".

Given the supreme quality of each and every one of Silva's previous Original Television Soundtrack releases, one might consider it damn near churlish to complain about the recording studio's present release strategy, but indulge us for a moment, as we're going to be so bold as to level the following criticism in The Day of the Doctor / The Time of the Doctor's direction: why's this particular CD only landing nearly a year on from "Day"'s broadcast (in fact, a year and a day will have passed by the time the set lands in music retailers)? Disheartening as the reality may be, to us it's all too obvious that this delay has been enacted purely as a result of cynical marketing (and therefore potential profit) rather than a genuine effort on Murray Gold and company's part to commemorate Who's 51st Anniversary. Birthday presents of this calibre aren't ever going to be turned away by us or any other dedicated members of the series' fandom, naturally, yet we'd sincerely appreciate it in future if Silva relied less on their commercial instincts and instead simply endeavoured to send these albums our way as soon as is possible without the assistance of a Type 40 TARDIS capsule.

Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor / The Time of the Doctor - Original Television Soundtrack will light up the airwaves via UK music retailers from November 24th onwards.

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