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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Second The Newsroom Season Three TV Trailer Released

Source: Screen Rant
For Will McAvoy, Mackenzie McKale and the rest of the News Night team, it's the final countdown.
HBO have this week released a second TV trailer for the rapidly approaching third season of their divisive journalistic drama The Newsroom. Helmed by Aaron Sorkin, the series will commence its final run next month with a 6-part story arc centring on a potentially globally affective news story, the ramifications of which could very well mean a premature end to News Night 2.0 should the relevant information find itself leaked to the public at precisely the wrong time in precisely the wrong place.

After last month's teaser trail revealed positively nothing about Season Three, save for the supposed imminent resignation of resident newsreader and executive producer McAvoy (played masterfully by Looper and Dumb and Dumber's Jeff Daniels), it's only natural that Sorkin's marketing team would be enthusiastic about the prospect of unveiling genuine footage from the so-called Final Episodes of one of the most controversial (at least in its initial stages - the heat has died down somewhat since, as has the hype which once surrounded the project) Home Box Office productions in recent memory. We'll never cease to recommend that anyone with even a passing interest in intelligent televisual productions sits down and gives Season One a try in order to virtually guarantee their continued loyalty to the programme, nor would we advise them to skip out on what looks to be another simultaneously morally empowered and hilarious (Don and Sloan's supposed first date already looks set to be a real winner) string of interconnected dramas, since whilst some might rightly argue that the now-surprisingly slim remainder of the viewership's loyalty would inevitably be in vain, in reality, only the good die young and only the great bite the bullet at such an untimely age as this maligned-but-unequivocally-audacious small-screen endeavour.

The Newsroom will return for six heart-wrenchingly climactic instalments - collectively titled The Newsroom: The Final Episodes, from what we've heard and seen to date - on HBO this November 9th. A UK broadcast should ideally follow suit over on Sky Atlantic later next month - as ever, be sure to keep it On-Screen to learn more on the subject as and when the news lands.

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