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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Tak3n Teaser Trailer Released

Source: Dark Horizons
Take it away, Comic Book Guy: "Worst. Film Title. Ever."
20th Century Fox have this week unveiled the teaser trailer for their imminent thriller blockbuster (apologies in advance for the linguistic atrocity that awaits you after this parenthetical aside, dear reader) Tak3n. The third and (the Old Gods and the New willing) final instalment in the bafflingly lucrative Taken franchise will - of course - once again star the astoundingly loyal (if nothing else) Liam Neeson as Bryan Miller, or as the fandom who've evidently followed his adventures have come to know the protagonist, the most incompetent father in human history.

For what it's worth, Bryan's twice-unlucky daughter Kim (played by Maggie Grace in Taken, Taken 2 and this needless-yet-sure-to-be-successful series finale) doesn't look set to find herself in the firing line for a third time; that honour instead goes to her mother, Lenny Mills, whose screen-time will surely hit an all-time low if the shots depicting her untimely passing contained within this teaser (below) are any substantial indication. Whilst X-Men: Days of Future Past's Famke Janssen mightn't have been particularly pleased to receive word of her reduced role this time around, if nothing else, said demise - not to mention the presence of Forest "Thank Goodness For The Butler" Whitaker - should at least provide Tak3n (and yes, we're still shuddering at the mere notion of that title) with a sizeable enough dosage of adrenaline to ensure that if the prolonged three-part narrative does "en[d] here" (as the first promotional poster's tagline suggests above), then it'll go out on an almighty high.

Tak3n will bring the thrill of the chase to cinemas worldwide on January 9th, 2015.

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