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Saturday, 11 October 2014

New The LEGO Movie Spin-Off Film Announced

Source: Deviant Art
No, this isn't a joke (despite what the Crown Prince might have us believe) - the Caped Crusader is returning to cinemas in brick form!
Producer Christopher Miller has today confirmed via Twitter - in a now-deleted but inevitably noticed tweet - that a spin-off from Warner Bros. Pictures' brick-tastic animated blockbuster The LEGO Movie is currently in development. Purportedly set to be directed by Chris McKay - who acted as the animation supervisor for the aforementioned original masterpiece - the latest instalment in the sure-to-be-one-day-dubbed LEGO Cinematic Universe will serve as the franchise's second fully-fledged spin-off outing, the first being the increasingly potent LEGO Ninjago, a bombastic foray into a fictitious realm of gung-ho warriors and mystical creatures that's scheduled to land on the big-screen on September 23rd, 2016.

The prospect of experiencing Ninjago in all of its technicoloured glory in two years' time, however, will for the majority of Detective Comics - that's DC to you and me - fanatics pale in comparison to what's been officially confirmed as the series' next secondary instalment. If the cover image above didn't give it away already, the motion picture in question will centre on none other than the instantly-beloved LEGO incarnation of everyone's favourite Caped Crusader, Batman. Will Arnett's hilariously smug rendition of the Dark Knight had us - and the rest of the world, from what we've heard - in stitches back in March, hence why we're uncontrollably ecstatic to confirm that the Arrested Development thespian will reprise his role once more, a development that's bound to please anyone who couldn't get enough of the manipulative, downright complacent Defender of Gotham when he first graced our screens and débuted his unforgettable dubstep-esque single, "Untitled Self-Portrait" (which we've included at the bottom of this very article for no other reason than to ensure that our loyal readership can't remove it from their heads for the remainder of the weekend). More details on LEGO Batman, LEGO Ninjago and The LEGO Movie 2 - the latter of which is supposedly arriving in 2018, although don't take our word as gospel just yet - are all but guaranteed to arrive in the next few weeks, so stay tuned to On-Screen for all of the latest key info.

LEGO Batman will apparently glide broodingly into cinemas worldwide on May 26th, 2017.

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