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Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Walking Dead Sixth Season Commissioned

Source: Movie Pilot
The times, they aren't a'changing - those undead hordes just keep on Walking...
AMC Studios have this week announced the commissioning of a sixth season of their long-running fantasy drama The Walking Dead. Based on Robert Kirkman's critically acclaimed graphic novel saga of the same name, the show's ongoing narrative follows the valiant attempts of a band of despondent human warriors to survive amidst a familiar yet chillingly endless zombie apocalypse whilst simultaneously challenging these desperate individuals - not to mention the viewership - to confront the darker aspects of their own personalities and of human nature overall.

Now, we'll be honest, we've yet to see any instalments of this beloved comic-book adaptation beyond its immensely promising pilot outing, but it'd be damn near impossible for those of us who keep a close eye on the development of the more intellectual realms of televised US drama to ignore the extent to which Walking Dead has made its mark since its eight-part début run aired in 2010. That Season Five hasn't even commenced broadcasting on AMC - or FX, its UK equivalent, for that matter - speaks wonders for the faith the studio has evidently invested in the show by prematurely - though doubtless justifiably - confirming another series of quasi-dystopian escapades is on the way, then. Somehow, however, the odds of the show's remarkably loyal fandom looking elsewhere for their weekly dose of undead goodness after the Autumn 2014 - Spring 2015 season appear about as minimal as the chances of the legions of mindless beasts who give the show its name returning to their empty coffins anytime soon - chances are that they'll both be around for a while yet!

The Walking Dead will return for its haunting fifth season on AMC - and, eventually, FX - this Sunday, October 12th.

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