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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

New Derek 2015 Special Production Details Confirmed

Source: Patheos
Will Life on the Road force the last surviving Noakes and his nursing home pals to take an unscheduled leave of absence?
Executive producer Ricky Gervais has today revealed further details on the production of a new episode of Channel 4's hit comedy-drama Derek. As the writer of The Office, Extras and Cemetery Junction recently outlined in one of his personal blog posts, the series will not return for a full third season, but will instead make a comeback in the form of a one-off special which - at least if the instalments that brought the likes of Extras and Life's Too Short are any indication - strives to resolve any plot threads left hanging in Season Two whilst simultaneously envisioning a meaningful climax to the show's various compelling character arcs.

News of Gervais' return to the big-screen with Life on the Road, a fully-fledged spin-off from The Office focused exclusively on chronicling the exploits of the near-hopeless musical entrepreneur David Brent, justifiably prompted followers of all things Derek Noakes to doubt the likelihood of their next televised fix of the character arriving in the foreseeable future. Ever the master of catching his fandom off-guard, however, its lead star and solitary scribe went out on a much-appreciated limb earlier today on a certain social networking domain by posting the following tweet:
Aside from the man's somewhat hilarious time management issues, we're thrilled to hear that production on the 2015 special - a Winter 2014 broadcast seems out of the question given the extensive time required for the editing team to hone the final cut - will gain traction as early as next month, particularly since this suggests that Gervais has already finished writing his final Derek script or is putting the finishing touches to it as we speak (well, as we speak - presumably at this point you're just reading, lest you've perfected the art of psychic manipulation...). What's especially intriguing on this front is Channel 4's decision to keep their lips sealed regarding perhaps their most popular standalone production in years, although we doubt there's foul play at work here; if anything, the channel probably simply want to focus their viewership's attention on their sure-to-be-packed festive schedule rather than unwrapping the treats they've got in store for us in the New Year. All the same, keep it locked at On-Screen for more details on Derek, Life on the Road and even the dormant-yet-not-wholly-improbable potential for the Rickster to reprise his Muppets Most Wanted role as Dominic Badguy (worry not, dear reader - 'Badguy' is French for 'good guy'!)...

Derek will conclude its critically acclaimed run on Channel 4 with a heart-warming Special in Spring 2015.

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