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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

New Marvel's Agent Carter Recurring Cast Member Announced

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
Just moments after the news broke online, find out which legendary Marvel character is back for more...
Marvel Entertainment and ABC Studios have just announced a new recurring cast member set to star in multiple instalments of their impending period drama Marvel's Agent Carter. The eight-part series will mark the long-awaited regular return of Captain America: The First Avenger and Captain America: The Winter Soldier actor Hayley Atwell as she reprises her role as the courageous Strategic Scientific Reserve agent-in-training Peggy Carter.

Now, in truth, we'd argue that very few fans expected Atwell's character to end up as the only famous Marvel Cinematic Universe player scheduled for a return (albeit on the small-screen, but who's complaining?) next year, yet that quasi-foreknowledge doesn't dampen our enthusiasm in the slightest for the announcement that Dominic Cooper will indeed follow suit and step into the critically lauded shoes of Howard Stark on at least one occasion in Season One. Don't believe us? If that's the case for whatever reason, then feel free to cast your eyes below, dear reader, where the official tweet that alerted the world to this tantalising news-byte awaits:
Cooper - believe it or not - has only actually starred in one MCU production so far, namely The First Avenger (2011), although it's pretty safe to say that the ways in which the construct he portrayed went on to influence both his son - Tony, aka Iron Man - and the events of Avengers Assemble were plentiful to say the very least. The two studios mentioned above revealed in their plot synopsis for the show's début run that Peggy would spend the majority of her time attempting to tackle both SSR operations and covert missions conceived by none other than Stark, so don't be too surprised if Cooper's role this time around is more akin to Charlie's Angels' titular commander-in-chief rather than the gung-ho pilot we first met three short years ago (we've said it before, we'll say it again - doesn't time fly?).

Marvel's Agent Carter will première on ABC (and Channel 4 in the UK, we'd presume) in Spring 2015.

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