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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Big School Season Two TV Trailer Released

Source: The Telegraph
Philip Glenister plays a P.E. teacher who's taking up Geography - now this we have to see!
The BBC have this week released a TV trailer for the impending second series of their situation comedy Big School. Directed primarily by Matt Lipsey, the run will once again star Come Fly with Me's David Walliams, Doctor Who's Catherine Tate and Life on Mars' Philip Glenister as a trio of harmless (yet undoubtedly imbecilic!) school teachers whilst simultaneously introducing newcomers such as Britain's Got Talent runner-up Jack Carroll and Very Important People's Morgana Robinson in supporting capacities.

If it's more of the same that returning fans of the show are looking for here, then by golly, they're going to find themselves delighted come the season premi√®re. This illuminating teaser trailer appears to all but guarantee that - for better or for worse - we're in for six further 30-minute instalments of slapstick hi-jinks, perfectly timed (if occasionally misjudged) one-liners and cringe-worthy romantic sub-plots galore, all of which seem to contribute heavily to Big School's success if Season One's consistently sturdy ratings were any indication. The new Little Britain this mightn't be, yet show-runner and lead star Walliams doesn't seem particularly bothered about matching or surpassing his previous works on this occasion, and believe it or not, his indifference may actually end up becoming the project's saving grace in the long run.

Big School returns to BBC One for its second season of part-educational, part-hysterical classroom antics on Friday, August 29th at 9.30pm.

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