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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Newsroom Season Three "Copier Tease" TV Trailer Released

Source: The Newsroom Wiki
Aaron Sorkin teases the "final episodes" of his controversial TV series...
HBO have this week released the first TV trailer for the impending new series of their political drama The Newsroom. As well as marking the programme's third full season, the much-anticipated run will (as HBO confirmed earlier this year) - much to the grief of fans the world over - bring the ongoing escapades of Will McAvoy and his intrepid team of news reporters to a natural conclusion over the course of ten further 50-minute instalments starring Jeff Daniels, Olivia Munn and the rest of the News Night gang.

Long-term readers of On-Screen may well recall that we were singing the praises of Aaron Sorkin's oft-subversive project so loudly in its early days that our voice-boxes might as well have developed a fault by the time Season One had finished airing on Sky Atlantic. Last year, however, our sentiments weren't quite so congratulatory, mainly as the aforementioned show-runner seemed to opt for a safer, restrained narrative which wouldn't raise as many eyebrows as several of the procedural storylines of the original run did in 2012, with the ultimate cost of his approach being that the programme's sophomore run felt far less ambitious and engaging as a result. Will Season Three right its predecessor's wrongs? There's not exactly much evidence to go on in this (gloriously metatextual) initial preview, although shots of script-pages bearing the words "I quit" (spoken by none other than Will) could at least bode well for the scope and audacity of the narrative Sorkin hopes to convey (even if said protagonist does seem to utter those words on a seasonly basis!).

The Newsroom will return to HBO (and Sky Atlantic, eventually) for its momentous final episodes this November.

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